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Class Outlines

Week 4 of this strength block! By this point athletes should be very familiar with the movements, tempos, and load they are capable of. Time to go heavy, as volume will be low and with the use of clusters and waves it will be our heaviest week in this block! I will be sure to talk about breathing and bracing, which is important when we are going heavy. Nobody shares an equipment, and we clean everything! Just like last week.

Monday - This is a "murph" prep workout, we've been doing a ton of pull-ups, pushups, and air squats recently and people have noticed and been commenting on it. This is the same rep scheme that we recommend for partitioning "murph" so I will be sure to make the connection. Use the workout to experiment with some pacing for the real deal. 

Tuesday - This workout should be done quickly, going to encourage clients to scale so they can go unbroken on the swings, looking for quality hinging on the anterior reaches. Just keep moving!

Wednesday - This workout will definitely be hard, weighted step overs destroyed people last time we did them. Be consistent and scale in order to do so. Don't sleep on the grip!

Thursday - Recover! Its been a hard week so far and this workout can be used as an active recovery type piece, just keep moving!
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